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Last updated: 5/25/2012.

News updated: 1/28/2011.

In July 2000 I went websurfing one night. I delved into one of my favorite subjects, classic TV, and from there, a guilty pleasure, classic game shows. I noticed two things: first, there were numerous tribute sites to the other classic celebrity laughfest, Match Game '73, but none devoted to the original, classically funny Hollywood Squares. (Several sites did mention it, even devoted entire pages to it. But many seemed to favor the Whoopi/Tom Bergeron version, and a couple of younger viewers even implied they had no idea any version of the show aired before 1998.)

Second, I heard a recurring rumor that I eventually believed (but was later proven to be not necessarily true) that nearly all of the original Squares tapes were thought to be destroyed or otherwise lost forever. (
Click here and here for as much of the story behind this as I have found.) With that idea in mind, I set out to preserve the memory of the show that kept me in the house during those summer mornings in the 1970s when I should've been out cutting the grass, playing ball, swimming in the Glencoe, Alabama city pool or just getting off my ass and getting some exercise.

The constant passing around of an email full of "zingers" from the show convinced me even more there is a modern, turn-of-the millenium audience for those original Paul Lynde/Charley Weaver, et. al. witticisms, and I plan to include as many of those as I can find. (That email, by the way, has grown a bit with some of the zingers I have added on my site. That's fine by me, as long as the recipient knows where to find...ahem...more.)

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